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It is a long-legged, muscular, strong dog breed that is covered with a beautiful dense, medium-length coat. It is a very energetic dog with high stamina and great courage. 2020-10-22 Akbash Dog Breed Information Some of the animals the Akbash Dog has guarded include sheep, goats, cattle, horses, poultry and exotic birds, deer, alpacas and llamas. Once bonded, these dogs will not hesitate to risk. View: Akbash Dog Breed 2017-10-24 Akbash Dogs, like many large breeds, can be expected to live 10 to 12 years on average. Weight / Height.

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You can’t give a dog an Small, Medium, or Large - Our four-legged friends come in all different shapes and sizes. Here's your chance to awe over their cutest photos. The dogs in this quiz ain't your teacups or miniatures. They won't fit in anyone's purse and you probably wouldn't want to try to pick them up. These are the rough and rugged breeds used for working, guarding and hunting through the centuri It's a dog party a little dog party, that is!

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Those who choose to own a dog tend towards being more active. Seniors who own a dog are usual There is no doubt about it: Americans love dogs. Whether they are protectors, workers, or best friends for life, dogs are an essential part of many Americans' lives.

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Personality The main purpose of the Akbash breed is to protect livestock in fields. About the Akbash Dog Breed. An ancient livestock protection breed from Turkey, the Akbash Dog is a large, white dog with excellent sight and hearing, as well as a fast and protective nature, says Orysia Dawydiak, co-author of “Livestock Protection Dogs – Selection, Caring and Training” and registrar for Akbash Dogs International. The Akbash Dog’s Beginnings. Not a lot is known about the roots of the Akbash, but it is generally believed that this dog is related to canines originating several thousand years ago in the area of the Mediterranean known as the Fertile Crescent—an area that curves from the Persian Gulf down and around through what are now the states of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Egypt. Height – Female Akbash dogs range between 28 and 33 inches, while the Male counterparts mostly have a height between 28 and 34 inches. Weight – Females weigh around 90 lbs and male’s weight would range between 90 and 140 lbs.

The Akbash Dog has a huge head  28 May 2009 Kangal and Akbash dogs are the two well-known shepherd dog breeds in Turkey .
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They are big dogs that have strong guarding instincts. As a livestock guardian dog they stay with the group of animals they protect, they guard them and confront predators by barking, and displaying The Akbash Dog is an ancient breed native to western Turkey’s plains and mountains, where he was bred by villagers and shepherds to guard livestock from wolves and other predators. Although the Akbash Dog is the Turkish counterpart to other white guardian breeds native to the northern Mediterranean Basin, he is the only breed to have the distinct combination of Mastiff and gazehound characteristics. Akbash Dog - YouTube The large, stately and muscular Akbash Dog has been guarding Turkish livestock for more than three thousand years.

German Shorthaired Pointer Dog Breed Facts | Hill's Pet, Akbash Dog Breed  Foto handla om Profile Portrait of Beautiful and cute dog breed golden retriever lying outdoors in the forest at sunset in spring. Bild av uppm, angus - 148679313. My puppy died in routine surgery :-( looking for small dog. (Colorado ISO - Wanted - No/Low-Shedding puppy / dog Small to medium breed puppy wanted. These handy list pads have your favorite dog breed picture on the top, are lined, and feature the beautiful dog Art of Ruth Maystead,Love for Great Pyrenees,  AugieDoggy.com | golden retriever dogs. I love fall thatgoldendog's photo on Instagram Golden Retrievers are one of the most honest dog breeds you'll ever  Akbash Dog Breed Information and Personality Traits. Size: Weight Range: Male: 100-140 lbs.
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Meet the breed! The Akbash Dog is a primitive guard dog breed, requiring owners who understand canine behavior. The dogs are a combination of submissive posturing to livestock and dominance aggression—to stand up against bears and wolves. They require owners dedicated to constant socialization if kept as companions. They are naturally dog aggressive.

He is also a flock guardian in this country, but he can be a family companion or show dog as well. The Akbash has many good qualities, but he is not the easiest dog to live with. A native of Turkey, the Akbash dog dates back to 750 to 300 B.C according to the reports. It is believed that this breed is the Turkish counterpart of other white guardian breeds (such as the Great Pyrenees, the Kuvasz, and the Maremma dog) found in the northern Mediterranean Basin.
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Loyal, alert, and intelligent, these pups have some of the best qualities you could ask for. These pooches go by several other names 2020-02-28 2020-10-16 A variant in the Keratin-71 gene is associated with curly hair in dogs. Dogs with the curl variant have curly coats or wavy coats depending on how many copies of the variant they possess. Coat Length The Akbash dog is a beautiful breed of dog which is native to Turkey. It is mainly used as a livestock guardian dog or shepherd dog. It is an old and traditional breed of livestock guardian dog, used to protect the herds from predators in the nugged terrain of inland Turkey.

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While the origins of the breed are obscure, it is known to be an ancient pure breed. The Akbash Dog is the Turkish counterpart of the other white guardian breeds found around the northern Mediterranean Basin. About the Akbash Dog Breed. An ancient livestock protection breed from Turkey, the Akbash Dog is a large, white dog with excellent sight and hearing, as well as a fast and protective nature, says Orysia Dawydiak, co-author of “Livestock Protection Dogs – Selection, Caring and Training” and registrar for Akbash Dogs International. The Akbash, a Turkish breed from that country’s western plains and mountains, is one such dog. Little is known of his origins, but he is thought to be ancient.